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Serpent Showdown Press Kit

Here's a bit about Serpent Showdown and the Persuasion Game Studio with some Frequently Asked Questions! 


Two snakes enter, one snake leaves! You and a friend go head-to-head in a battle of the ages! It is time to don your ... cardboard armor, and grab your trusty crayon?! Strike, slither and slash your way to victory, locally or online, in this entertaining competitive arena fighter! 


What is Serpent Showdown?

Serpent Showdown is a competitive arena fighter for all ages and abilities. Play as two classroom pet snakes, battling it out to see who will reign victorious.

Strike, slither and slash your way to victory, while dodging paper wads thrown by your enemiesssss~ Serpent Showdown is coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch. 


Who can play Serpent Showdown?

Serpent Showdown is deliberately designed to be accessible to all ages! With gameplay that's fun, regardless of who's winning or losing, young players can enjoy the game with their friends, or their older siblings/family. For those that crave a bit of competition, Serpent Showdown makes for a great competitive party game, letting players hand off controllers so that everyone gets a chance to prove their mettle!


Why Serpent Showdown?

We made this because we wanted to create a family-centric play experience. Many team members have siblings, with fond memories of playing games together on the couch and of passing controllers around at family gatherings. Serpent Showdown mirrors moments of our childhood gaming experiences, and the entire team cannot wait to share this new experience with everyone!


About Team Diversity

We have a diverse team with members from many different backgrounds. With half of our team's leadership identifying as Female or Non-Binary, and over a third of team members identifying as racial minorities, this is not just about making exciting games. This about providing professional development opportunities, and helping our team become role models for others in our communities.


Studio Information

Developer: Persuasion Game Studio, a USC Games affiliated Student Team of just under 15 people

Founding Date: August, 2018



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Have More Questions?

Did we miss something? If you have more questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line and we will get back to you shortly!

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