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Meet The Team

The Persuasion Game Studio team is composed of current students and new-graduates from top colleges across the USA. Headquartered at the University of Southern California, the team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences.

Kai Nyame

Studio Director

Nicholas Roush

Project Director

Ana Solimano


Calista Nelson

Lead Engineer

Lauren Goggins

Lead Aritst

André Pascual

Lead Designer

James Brandauer

Usability Lead

Max Wolf

Usability Lead

Rodolfo Solorzano

3D Character Animator

Ellery Latham

Game Designer

Shicheng Chu


Joseph C. H.

Tools Engineer

Renzel Navarro

2D / Texture Artist

Tai Grevious

Marketing Consultant

David Yuhico


Arjun Nechiyil


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